Amazing First Week at AMH


We had an amazing first week at the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion thanks to Dr. Georgia Flouda (Co-Director of the Mouliana Project, Curator of AMH), Dr. Stella Mandalaki (Director of AMH), and the rest of the incredible staff at AMH. It included five long and intense workdays where we worked through every available minute with only short breaks.

While we are unable to share most details due to publication and permit restrictions, I can answer the most common question of whether we saw anything good with the immortal words of Howard Carter, “Yes, wonderful things.” I can share below a collage of Mouliana material from 1904. It includes the bronze sword with intact grip and pommel we have lovingly dubbed “Excalibur” and could not fathom sat inches before us on a study table (full disclosure: misty eyes were present). A museum cabinet with a gold mask, gold rings, and jewelry is photo restricted so please visit the museum in person for these items or wait for our upcoming publications!

We extend our many thanks to our families and supporters who have made this project and dream week possible.

Dr. Andrew Koh, co-director

Artifacts from Mouliana Warrior Graves, 12th century BCE. After Xanthoudidis 1904


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