Successful First Half of Season

DSC_0617View of Mouliana Sellades (“saddle”) from a nearby hill

Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated team and especially the unfailing energy of Dr. Georgia Flouda, we have documented all known Mouliana Sellades objects at the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion including bronzes, gold, iron, ceramics, faience, and a larnax. No small feat when you consider the 113 years since excavation with two world wars on or around the island. The museum itself was bombed in WW II! We now turn to the future with a handful of ceramics remaining in the Sitia Archaeological Museum.

DSC_0768Team preparing for documentation

With your support, our hope in the future is to complete our study of the wonderful LM IIIC warrior graves at Mouliana Sellades with the documentation of the tombs themselves, if we are fortunate enough to gain permission from the Ministry of Culture and the KD ephorate. We particularly wish Alison Crandall (PhD student, UCLA Archaeology), Sarah Schofield-Mansur (PhD student, Brandeis Anthropology), and Anna Krohn (MA student, Brandeis Ancient Greek and Roman Studies) safe travels at this point as they return to the States. Kalo taxidi!

DSC_0800Team taking a weekend trip to the Minoan “temple” at Anemospilia


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