7th Inning Stretch and Collaboration

Rhodes at SM.jpg
MP team studying ceramics at SM

Now that we have found 46/50 Mouliana objects and rigorously documented them using the latest digital and scientific techniques, we have arrived at a good juncture to reflect on our successful season as we enter the final portion of our summer on Crete.

I was recently asked by a non-archaeologist colleague for one word that best exemplifies what we do and the first one that came to mind was collaboration. We could not have accomplished what we have this summer without the patience, support, and good humor of many individuals both within our home institutions and outside of them.

Even before our arrival on Crete, our team members received training and support from many sectors at Brandeis University and Rhodes College. First and foremost, our home departments (Classical Studies, Art & Art History) and chairs (Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow, Erin Harmon) were critical for our success. As we photographed and analyzed objects, we only needed to look down at our instruments and tools to see our institutions inscribed on them. We’ve collaborated with the best experts possible like our colleagues Ian Roy (Brandeis Library and Technology Services) and B. Lee Drake (University of New Mexico and Bruker). We cannot begin to express our gratitude to all those who have made these archaeological “luxuries’ possible.

Finally, we need to acknowledge all our friends and colleagues in Greece. In addition to those from AMH mentioned in an earlier post and the 24th Ephorate, we continued to receive precious time from generous individuals such as Tom Brogan (INSTAP) and Dora Medouri (Siteia Archaeological Museum). Though collaborations can be time-consuming to forge and maintain, they are the foundations on which all successful archaeological projects are built.

MP ORA at SMMP LiDAR at SM cropped


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